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Most people don't believe in true love. Especially in love/hate relationships. But that's what happened to Olive and Fletcher . Have you ever hear of the saying "She likes him. He likes her. Everyone knows .... except for them." That is the perfect quote to describe them. We all have those two friends that like each other but just don't know it yet, Olive and Fletcher are a perfect example of that. They are often seen smiling at each other, whispering to each other, glancing at each other, giggling and just acting like a couple.

This wiki is dedicated to them . (:

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Folive (F/letcher and Olive) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle. Fletcher has shown to be unthoughtful to Olive in some episodes, and Olive has threatened and teased him several times. They do, however, seem to be good friends and get along with each other most of the time. Their relationship progresses throughout the episodes. Fletcher and Olive, besides the teasing and bickering and arguments, they will always be there for each other. Whether its something to help a friend or just because they care. These two put their differences to the side, just to help each other.

It mainly rivals Flyna (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna), Angive (Ang/us and Ol/ive),Cholive (Ch/yna and Olive) and Faisley (F/letcher and P/aisley).

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