Logan / Quinn (Zoey 101)Edit

  • Quinn (Olive) is very smart and can get on people's nerves.
  • Logan (Fletcher) can be stupid but still has a stroke of genius sometimes.
  • Logan and Quinn fought sometimes like Fletcher and Olive.
  • Logan and Quinn teased each other like Fletcher and Olive.
  • Logan teases Quinn about being smart.
  • Logan used to like Zoey (Chyna) before he fell for Quinn.

Seddie (iCarly)Edit

  • Sam (Olive) likes to tease Freddie (Fletcher).
  • Freddie likes to tease Sam.
  • They are both best friends of the main character.
  • They're both sidekicks.
  • They both have brunette and blonde hair.
  • Sam loved to make fun of Freddie's crush on Carly (Chyna).
  • Sam roll her eyes whenever Freddie attempted to flirt with Carly.
  • Freddie used to like Carly before he fell for Sam.
  • They have a love/hate relationship.

Ned/Moze (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)Edit

  • Ned (Fletcher) thinks he's in love with Suzie (Chyna).
  • Moze keeps telling him it won't work out with Suzie.
  • Moze teases Ned

Gece (Shake It Up!)Edit

  • They tend to fight a lot.
  • They are frenemies.
  • They compliment each other, but not in public.
  • They give each other backhanded compliments.
  • They insult each other.
  • They make fun of one-another.
  • They care about each other's well-being.
  • They tease each other to the point of annoyance.

Loliver (Hannah Montana)Edit

  • Lilly (Olive) likes to tease Oliver (Fletcher).
  • They were best friends before they became a couple.
  • They were disgusted about becoming a couple.
  • They are both best friends of the main character.
  • They're both sidekicks.
  • They both have brunette and blonde hair.

Sonny/Chad (Sonny With a Chance)Edit

  • They claim to hate each other.
  • They fight constantly.
  • They show soft feelings for each other.
  • It is a love/hate relationship.

Gabe/Jo (Good Luck Charlie)Edit

  • Jo and Gabe constantly fight
  • Jo shows her affection for Gabe through teasing

Jack/Kim(Kickin' It )Edit

  • In every episode, it's shown that they are always next to each other
  • In the first episode, Wasabi Warriors, there were a lot of hints that showed that they had feelings for each other. 

Trish/Dez (Austin and Ally)Edit

  • They are love/hate
  • They are the sidekicks of the show.
  • Trish (Olive) teases Dez (Fletcher) a lot.
  • Dez (Fletcher) sometimes teases her back.
  • They were suposedly dating at some point. 
  • Dez (Fletcher) is some what dim witted but has moments of brillance. They are also both talented painters.

Austin/Ally (Austin and Ally)Edit

  • They are best friends.               
  • They often hang out together.
  • Austin (Fletcher) likes Kira (Chyna) but eventually relizes that he likes Ally (Olive) which may be what happens to Fletcher.
  • Ally (Olive) supports Austins (Fletcher) relationship with Kira (Chyna) but inside is unhappy about it, which is  how Olive might feel. 
  • They care more about each other than they let on.
  • They are both somewhat of an "opposites attract" pairing.
  •  In each of the pairings, the characters are the same type of characters (main and sidekicks).
  • Austin (Fletcher) sometimes calls Ally (Olive) uncool.          
  • Ally (Olive) is very smart, gets good grades, always follows the rules and talks a lot.
  • Austin (Fletcher) is slightly dim witted, though has moments of brillance.
  • Austin had feeling for Ally without relizing it, and needs a third party to help before he knows it, and that sounds like something that Fletcher would do.
  • There blonde and brunette

Rocky / Gunther  (Shake It Up)Edit

  • Gunther (Fletcher) has a crush on CeCe (Chyna) who is Rocky's (Olive's) best friend.
  • They're both blonde (Olive) and brunette (Fletcher).
  • Rocky (Olive) is very smart and gets good grades.
  • Rocky (Olive) and Gunther (Fletcher) are both very close to CeCe (Chyna).
  • Rocky (Olive) finds Gunther (Fletcher) weird.

Cece / Logan (Shake It Up)Edit

  • Logan (Fletcher) is a brunette.
  • They fight often. 
  • They're friends with Rocky (Chyna).
  • Cece is street-smart whereas Olive is book-smart.
  • Logan (Fletcher) likes Rocky (Chyna).
  • Cece (Olive) tends to annoy Logan (Fletcher).
  • Logan (Fletcher) teases Cece (Olive) a lot.
  • Whenever they fight, Rocky (Chyna) is the one who stops them.

Logan / Camille  (Big Time Rush)Edit

  • They get jealous whenever they hang out with other people.
  • Camille is from Connecticut and Olive knows the state and history where it is from
  • Sometimes they get mad at each other.
  • Camille (Olive) acted dimwitted while Logan (Fletcher ) would have really like to be herself.
  • Both Camille and Olive are are smart and really good actreses and Logan and Fletcher are artists..
  • Olive and Camille like to slap Logan and Fletcher.
  • Camille (Olive) gets mad at Logan (Fletcher) easily.
  • Logan (Fletcher) tends to gaze at Camille (Olive).
  • Logan (Fletcher) teases Camille (Olive) sometimes. 

Chase / Bree (Lab Rats)Edit

  • Chase (Olive) loves to tease Bree (Fletcher).
  • Chase and Olive are both really smart.
  • They fight/argue sometimes.
  • They're there whenever they need each other.
  • They're friends with Adam and Leo (Chyna and Angus).
  • They bicker often.
  • Chase/Bree & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They always show concern for each other.
  • Bree (Olive) isn't afraid to do or say what her mind thinks.
  • Chase (Fletcher) grows annoyed of Bree (Olive) sometimes.
  • Bree (Olive) grows annoyed of Chase's (Fletcher's) teasing.
  • They're really close.

Sonny / Chad (Sonny With A Chance)Edit

  • They're blonde/brunette
  • They're love/hate
  • They love to make fun of each other
  • They care about each other
  • They work together sometimes

Lizzie / Gordo (Lizzie McGuire)Edit

  • Lizzie (Olive) has blonde hair, while Gordo (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • Lizzie (Olive) and Gordo (Fletcher) are friends with Miranda (Chyna).
  • Lizzie (Fletcher) likes Ethan (Chyna) but in the end, ends up liking Gordo (Olive). This may happen to Folive.
  • Lizzie (Olive) and Gordo (Fletcher) sometimes tease eachother.
  • Lizzie (Olive) is pretty smart.
  • Tudgeman (Angus) likes Lizzie (Olive), but Lizzie (Olive) does not like him back.

Katara / Zuko (Zutara) (From Avatar The Last Airbender)Edit

  • Katara (Olive) is smart and a good strategy worker.
  • Zuko (Fletcher) can be clueless sometimes.
  • They're friends with Aang (Chyna) and Toph (Angus).
  • Zuko (Fletcher) smiles at Katara (Olive) a lot.
  • They often fight/argue.
  • They'll be there for each other. 
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • In the show, some characters believed that they (Katara & Zuko) were a couple/dating and Chyna thought Fletcher & Olive were dating.
  • Aang (Angus) likes Katara (Olive).
  • They both can be protective of one another.

Kim / Jerry (Kickin' It)Edit

  • They're friends with Chyna (Jack).
  • They argue & fight sometimes.
  • They'll be there for each other. 
  • Kim (Olive) thinks Jerry is an idiot.
  • They'll help eachother when they need it. 
  • They can work together.
  • They're opposites.
  • Kim (Olive) is smart.
  • Jerry (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Kim (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Jerry & Kim [sort of] dated (Fletcher & Olive fake dated).
  • They both go to Bobby Wasabi Dojo (ANT Program).
  • Kim (Olive) dances weirdly.

Percy / Annabeth (Percabeth) (Percy Jackson & The Olympians Book Series)Edit

  • Annabeth (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Annabeth (Olive) gets mad at Percy (Fletcher) easily.
  • They're both friends with Grover (Chyna).
  • Percy has called Annabeth 'pretty' whereas Fletcher has called Olive 'beautiful.'
  • Percy (Fletcher) is afraid of Annabeth (Olive) sometimes.
  • Annabeth (Olive) appears to grow jealous whenever Percy (Fletcher) mentions Rachel Dare (Chyna).
  • Annabeth (Olive) gets jealous whenever Percy (Fletcher) is with/mentions another girl.
  • Percy (Fletcher) tends to stare/gaze at Annabeth (Olive).
  • They'll be there for each other.
  • They're help each other.
  • They work together.
  • They care about each other, a lot.
  • They began dating after a long time (This may happen to Folive).

Jason / Piper (Heroes of Olympus Series)Edit

  • They're blonde/brunette.
  • Piper (Olive) grows jealous whenever Jason (Fletcher) mentions another girl.
  • They're friends with Leo (Chyna).
  • They work together a lot.
  • They'll always be there for each other. 
  • They're helpful. 
  • They care for each other. 
  • Piper (Olive) has claimed that she loves Jason (Fletcher).
  • Jason (Fletcher) thinks Piper (Olive) is beautiful.

Beck / Jade (Victorious)Edit

  • They're friends with Tori (Chyna).
  • They'll fight sometimes. 
  • They work together.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Jade (Olive) can be scary sometimes. 
  • Their friend Tori (Chyna) likes to sing a lot. 
  • Jade (Olive) sometimes gets annoyed of Tori (Chyna) singing all the time.
  • Jade (Olive) appears to grow jealous whenever Beck (Fletcher) is with/mentions another girl.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Beck has called Jade 'pretty' whereas Fletcher has called Olive 'beautiful.'
  • They argue sometimes.
  • They're always there for each other.

Dez / Ally (Austin & Ally)Edit

  • They'll help each other whenever they need it.
  • Ally (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Ally (Olive) thinks Dez (Fletcher) is stupid.
  • They're friends with Austin (Chyna) and Trish (Angus). 
  • Dez has called Ally 'adorable' whereas Fletcher has called Olive 'beautiful'.
  • They're opposites.
  • They're best friends.
  • Dez (Fletcher) annoys Ally (Olive) sometimes.
  • They care about each other. 
  • They'll annoy each other.
  • They'll be there for each other.
  • Dez (Fletcher) can make Ally (Olive) laugh and smile.
  • They have a musical friend (Austin & Chyna).

Hiccup / Astrid  (How To Train Your Dragon)Edit

  • They're best friends.
  • Astrid (Olive) is a blonde.
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) is a brunette.
  • Astrid (Olive) is a good strategy worker.
  • They care for each other.
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) can be clueless.
  • Astrid (Olive) scares Hiccup (Fletcher) sometimes.
  • They hug each other a lot.
  • Their relationship grew stronger throughout the movie/show.
  • Astrid is the first one to show physical emotion towards Hiccup (This may happen between Olive & Fletcher).
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) tends to stare at Astrid (Olive).
  • They're always there for each other.
  • They'll always help each other out whenever they need it.

Rapunzel / Eugene (Tangled)Edit

  • Rapunzel & Olive are blonde.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Eugene & Fletcher are brunette.
  • They're really close.
  • Eugene (Fletcher) thinks Rapunzel (Olive) is a little weird.
  • They're helpful.
  • Rapunzel (Olive) is smart.
  • They'll help each other no matter what.
  • Eugene (Fletcher) stares at Rapunzel (Olive) a lot.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Eugene and Rapunzel's feelings grew a lot stronger throughout the movie. (This may happen to Folive).
  • Eugene (Fletcher) grows annoyed of Rapunzel (Olive) sometimes.
  • Eugene (Fletcher) teases Rapunzel (Olive) a lot.
  • Rapunzel (Olive) likes to tease Eugene (Fletcher) back.

Danny / Sam (Danny Phantom)Edit

  • They're best friends.
  • Danny (Fletcher) teases Sam a lot.
  • They're friends with Tucker (Chyna).
  • Sam (Olive) likes to make fun of Danny (Fletcher).
  • They're really close.
  • They fight sometimes.
  • Sam (Olive) is a good strategy worker. 
  • They bicker.
  • Sam (Olive) gets mad at Danny (Fletcher) easily.
  • They may argue, but they'll always be there for each other.
  • Sam (Olive) thinks Danny (Fletcher) is clueless.
  • They will always help each other.
  • Sam & Danny do have feelings for each other, but they are too afraid to admit it. (This might be Folive's case).
  • They care about each other.
  • Danny (Fletcher) grows jealous whenever Sam (Olive) is with another boy and vice versa.
  • Sam (Olive) is really smart.

Phineas / Isabella  (Phineas & Ferb)Edit

  • They're best friends.
  • They're really close. 
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Isabella (Olive) grows annoyed when Phineas (Fletcher) has interest in another girl.
  • Phineas (Fletcher) shows concern towards Isabella (Olive) whenever she is hurt.
  • They have strong feelings for each other.
  • Phineas (Fletcher) is artistically creative.
  • Isabella (Olive) is smart.
  • Phineas & Olive are smart too.
  • Isabella (Olive) is a good strategy worker.
  • Isabella has romantic feelings for Phineas. (This may happen with Olive).
  • In the movie, Isabella kisses Phineas. (This may happen to Folive).

Cindy / Jimmy (Jimmy Neutron)Edit

  • They tease each other alot .
  • They care about each other .
  • Cindy (Olive) is smart .
  • They're blonde (Cindy & Olive) and brunette (Jimmy & Fletcher) .
  • Cindy (Olive) gets mad at Jimmy (Fletcher) easily .
  • Jimmy & Olive are considered nerdy.
  • Jimmy (Fletcher) is sometimes wimpy.

Zander / Stevie (How To Rock)Edit

  • They're best friends.
  • They've been friends since before they met Kacey (Chyna).
  • They fight/aruge sometimes. 
  • They'll bicker. 
  • Stevie (Olive) tends to stare at Zander (Fletcher).
  • Zander (Fletcher) appears to grow jealous when Stevie (Olive) is with another guy. 
  • They're both best friends with Kacey (Chyna).
  • They don't like Molly (Lexi).
  • They hang out a lot.
  • Zander (Fletcher) will be there for Stevie (Olive) when she needs it, and vice versa.
  • Zander (Fletcher) has called Stevie (Olive) beautiful.

Zane / Rikki (H2O: Just Add Water)Edit

  • They're blonde/brunette
  • They're love/hate
  • They get along most of the time
  • Zane dated Miriam (Chyna) before Rikki (this may happen to Folive).

Sheldon / Penny (The Big Bang Theory)Edit

  • They're blonde and brunette.
  • They're friends with Leonard.
  • Sheldon (Olive) are both human computers, thanks to their eidetic memory.
  • Penny (Fletcher) gets annoyed with Sheldon (Olive) sometimes.
  • They get along most of the time.
  • They have a rival ship, Leonard/Penny.
  • Penny (Olive) teases Sheldon (Fletcher) for being stupid sometimes.